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Ideal loan for families

Ideal loan for families

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When couples start a family, a lot changes. Above all, the financial situation has become more strained and more costs must be expected. Although parents receive child support, but the money is often not enough to cover all expenses.

How can I get credit for parents!

How can I get credit for parents!

Children cost money. The costs start with the clothes, go over school trips and also small and big wishes want to be fulfilled.

Not infrequently, a parent is at home in the family, when the children are still very small. In time, a salary disappears. This can bring financial losses that are noticeable. In order to be able to pay bills and everything the child needs, many people opt for a loan for parents.

For many, the way to the house bank is certainly the first decision. This has known its customers for some time and will probably lend a loan faster. But even if the customer is already known, collateral is not waived.

Since a salary is lost in the parents, this can not guarantee the credit. So the creditworthiness of the applicant must be very good. The Schufa is checked for negative entries and the account should show no minus.
If the Schufa is in order, the salary is correspondingly high and the account is sufficiently covered, there will hardly be any problems applying for a loan for parents.

It is often the case that the creditworthiness of parents is rated lower in advance than in the case of people who do not have children. Nevertheless, you should not be put off by it, because everyone can improve their credit rating.

If you have too bad a credit rating, you can get a security ashore. This security is a guarantor. Since the second parent as a guarantor often does not have a good credit rating, since an income is missing, another person can serve as a guarantor.

The guarantor should be chosen well because he has to fulfill the same conditions as a borrower. If the actual borrower can not service the loan, the guarantor has to step in.


Which alternatives are there to the house bank?

Which alternatives are there to the house bank?

There are quite alternatives to the house bank. Direct banks also offer a loan for parents. Here, however, the same conditions are expected, as in the house bank.

If you have a bad Schufa, you can also take out a loan abroad. The big advantage here is that the Schufa is not tested. Switzerland and Belgium, for example, offer a loan.
The prospective loaner does not have to travel abroad to take out the loan for parents. He only has to inquire on the internet and take advantage of appropriate offers.

The Internet lists many providers who grant credit to parents. For this, an online form must be completed. In addition, documents are required to ensure creditworthiness. These documents usually include salary statements for the past three to six months.
Furthermore, the copy of the ID is required. This proves that the applicant is of legal age and can prove his residence in Germany.

Once the details are verified, the bank will decide for or against a loan for parents. With a permit, the loan amount is transferred to the account within a short time. As with German banks, the loan amount must be paid in monthly installments.


No credit option – find ways out

No credit option - find ways out

It is quite possible that both the house bank and a bank abroad will reject a loan application. In such cases, it is only possible to think about taking out a loan privately.

For one thing, there are providers on the Internet who offer just such a loan, on the other there is still the family, which can possibly help out with smaller sums.
In both cases, care should be taken that a credit agreement is drawn up. This serves for the safety of both sides.

The sum will certainly not be as large as desired, but it can also be used to satisfy smaller needs and to settle some remaining bills.