Express Coffee – First Loan For PLN 0 For 60 Days! Promotion

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 You have not taken a loan at Ekspres Kasie yet? Now you have the option of borrowing it for free for up to 60 days.

This is probably one of the better offers that has recently appeared among companies offering payday loans. All those who have not yet used the Express Checkout offer, can catch up and have the opportunity to take advantage of the promotion, under which the first loan will be obtained for free, even for 60 days.

However, before I move on to the new offer of Ekspres Kasy, I must mention that almost the same offer has appeared recently with Vivus . This, however, is available only until the end of June, although I will not be surprised if it is later extended. It seems to me that we are dealing with a new trend, which in time will appear in most of the more highly valued brands and will be popular just like the previous weekly for PLN 0 .

Generally, this promotion is not that we borrow cash for 60 days and give it back after that time. Repayment of the loan installment takes place in two monthly installments, but the big advantage of this promotion is that we do not incur any costs. So if we are interested in the maximum amount of the loan that is currently available in the Ekspres Kasy offer, that is 1500 PLN, we will have 2 installments for 750 PLN each. The first installment is payable up to 30 days from the conclusion of the contract and the second installment payable up to 60 days from the conclusion of the contract. Together, this gives you PLN 1,500 to be repaid, which is exactly the same as we borrowed. So if someone is looking for extra cash for the holidays, now probably will not borrow cash on better terms, even in the bank …

Who has the chance to take advantage of the promotional terms of the loan for PLN 0 for 60 days? Of course, new customers who have never taken loans before at Ekspres Kasie, Ferratum or other brands belonging to Ferratum Bank . In addition, you must be at least 21 years old and not be indebted to KRD, the National Debt Register.

Update: Promotion of a free reminder for 60 days has been turned off, however, the promotion of the first minute for 30 days is still valid.

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