Instant Payday Loan With Bad Credit



Also possible with negative Schufa

also possible with negative Schufa

  • Start your loan request now (there is no contract yet).
  • After checking your request, the money is already in your account after 4 days.
  • You just have to accept our offer. If not, then not. No hook, no cost.

Sometimes you do not have the money at hand for a purchase. For such cases it is possible to take out a loan. If you are in a hurry, you can apply for an instant loan. It is not easy to get approved for a credit on a bad credit, but it can still work with the financing.


Credit – What does it mean?

Credit - What does it mean?

Creditworthiness is the solvency – the liquidity – with which an applicant for a loan steps in to settle debts and payment orders. Someone who pays his bills on time and has few delays in payments has a good credit rating. Those who do not always have to pay at the required time and have to be asked several times have a bad credit rating. The payment morality can be proven via the Schufa Score.

Score values ​​are expressed as percentages. The smaller the number, the higher the probability of default (related to payment default). A value of 97.5% indicates that someone has a very low default risk, while 50% represent a very high risk and thus a negative credit rating. This information is recorded in the Schufa and will be checked at each credit request.


Instant Credit – Features and Conditions

Instant Credit - Features and Conditions

The instant payday loan is a loan that is not paid on the day the application is made, but is processed and transferred very quickly. This form of credit is recommended in urgent cases. As with other loans, an interest rate is charged. This moves in this case between 4 and 7%, which is why the comparison of some banks is recommended. If you have the desire for an instant loan with bad credit, you must meet a few basic requirements.

It is important to have a permanent employment (ie not self-employed or freelance) and a sufficient income, which can be proven. In addition to the age of majority, the Schufaauskunft plays a role. The amount of the loan amount reaches on average up to 80 000 euros. So you are limited in the choice of purpose. For example, a home purchase is hardly possible. Furthermore, self-employed and freelancers have virtually no chance of a commitment. Likewise, the Schufaauskunft must be positive. Nevertheless, who has no positive Schufa, can get a loan.


Bad Credit rating: Get the credit anyway – tips for higher chances of success

Negative Schufa: Get the credit anyway - tips for higher chances of success

Obtaining an instant loan with bad credit is fraught with difficulties. If you are self-employed, the chances are even lower. Whoever is affected by this does not have to give up the money. A second applicant (at best the spouse or spouse) increases the chance of a commitment. If you can not prove that you have another applicant, you should be able to prove that you have a potential guarantor who can step in if payment fails. Also, who will soon take up a permanent employment, can receive the instant loan.