Loan with a Guarantor without BIK Checking

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DuetKasa pożyczka gwarant

DuetKasa is another loan with a guarantor that can be obtained by people with debts. Persons with a negative BIK, having debts in debt bases and registers or bailiff’s seizures.

DuetKasa is another company whose main area of ​​activity is providing loans to people who have problems with various types of debt. The chances of receiving financial support through DuetKasa will therefore have both those who have negative BIK, debt bailiffs, as well as struggling with other financial problems.

Although there are more and more companies offering loans and payday loans on the market of non-bank loans, there are no brands that would offer loans to people who, for various reasons, can not get it through the bank. I am referring to the rejected loan application because of bad history at BIK , seizure activity or entries in debtors’ databases. Such people very often have no prospects ahead of them and find it difficult to find additional help anywhere.


A loan with a guarantor at DuetKasa

DuetKasa belongs to the brands which, in each of the above-mentioned cases, can help us obtain a loan. It should be noted that the loan is not small, because its amount can reach up to 25,000 PLN. Is another of the companies that provides a loan with a guarantor , where the main condition for obtaining financing is the need to have a guarantor. It can be a person who, unlike the borrower, is a person with a good credit history and equally good creditworthiness. The loan guarantor can be a person who is over 18 and who has not yet reached the age of 75. The loan guarantor’s obligation will be to repay the entire loan amount with a commission if the borrower ceases to repay the loan installments.

As I mentioned at the beginning, DuetKasa provides non-bank loans to indebted parties, whose amount can range from PLN 2,500 to 25,000. The loan repayment period can be divided depending on our needs for 12, 24, 36 or 48 monthly installments. Of course, in the case of a longer repayment period, we must take into account that the cost of the loan will increase. We can get the costs of a loan at DuetKasa even before submitting the application, thanks to the loan calculator that the company has posted on its website. The loan is granted via the internet, so it will not be necessary to hold any direct meetings with the company’s employees.